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Almost All Returns In S&P Since 2009 From Buybacks?


by Jason I. Henderson, Ph.D.

How much of what you we hear in mainstream media is simply misleading at best or simply not true?  I have felt this way about reports on the economy for a very long time.  What am I, probably to most people and unknown, but I am not alone, there is a growing chorus of financial gurus, experts, investigators etcetera that are speaking out in unison that something is not right.

A rather recent addition to that chorus is the chief investment strategist and perma-bull at Charles Swab, Liz Ann Sonders.  She recently said “…there has not been a dollar added to the U.S. stock market since the end of the financial crisis by retail investors and pension funds….”  So where is it coming from?  In short; buybacks.

David Haggith has published an article that delves further into where the money is coming from that has given credence to the press saying we are in a bull market since 2009.

Whether you think David’s analysis is true or not you have to ask yourself, “What is my back up plan if by chance he is correct?”  I know the vast majority (>97%) of Americans would answer in the affirmative that they believe there is going to be another financial catastrophe like 2007-2008.  Likewise they want/wish that what happened last time will not happen in the coming catastrophe.  But when pushed to answer “what are you doing differently that will prevent what happened last time to you from happening again” they have no answer.  The time has come to wake up and look for a solution.  Look around this website, there are some great solutions.

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