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Warren Buffet and Compound Interest?

I just read an article on yahoo finance about compound interest.  The article was rather straight forward and basic.  Don't get me wrong, there is a need for such articles as so many people have almost zero financial education.  In fact,…
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What IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) has done for our family

I became involved in the financial services industry in the late 1980s while working full time in the public school system as a teacher. Although I knew that whole life insurance had a cash value and that the cash value could be borrowed against,…
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Choosing the Right Life Insurance for the Infinite Banking Concept.

There are those out there that would and do promote using Universal Life policies for IBC. In stead of taking the time to write out a completely new blog, I am going to repost a great article that my friend Todd Langford wrote a while ago. …
Benefits of Infinite Banking Concept
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Why The Infinite Banking Concept?

When people hear about IBC, Infinite Banking Concept, they have several thoughts.  Some of the immediate thoughts that come to mind are: Dave Ramsey says that the infinite banking concept is a terrible investment. (Oh the fun I have teaching…

Feeling Blessed

By Craig Floyd Since it is Memorial Day soon, I just have to say “Thank you” to the thousands of Americans who have died or placed themselves in harm’s way defending my freedom. To those men and women and their courageous families,…
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Almost All Returns In S&P Since 2009 From Buybacks?

by Jason I. Henderson, Ph.D. How much of what you we hear in mainstream media is simply misleading at best or simply not true?  I have felt this way about reports on the economy for a very long time.  What am I, probably to most people…
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Do IBC Right Choosing the Right Life Insurance Company (Part 1 – The Majors)

This is a question I get all the time in person or on my webinar. It is an important question as a client must understand the differences between insurance companies before they can make an informed decision about what they are being told…