College Opportunity Costs

The Secret Opportunity Costs Of College No One Will Tell You

You already know that college is expensive, but how expensive is it? Let's find out!   I recently had a discussion with some clients we'll call John and Joanna, who have 2 teenage boys (I do free consulting). Anyway, one of their…
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Parents Are Drowning In College-Loan Debt

That is a frightening headline.  What makes it frightening is right now, according to the Government Accountability Office, over 330,000 student loans have not had a payment in over a year. Another 180,000 are more than a month delinquent. Yes,…
College Opportunity Costs
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Student debts can rob you and your child’s future!

Can you say college loans? Can you afford a college loan? These are questions that are plaguing young Americans who are just coming out of college and are preparing to go to college. A recent article titled the stunning truth about how students…
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This time of year there is a certain shift in the air - the smell, the feel.  It means the start of football season, and the start of another school year.  With the beginning of a school year comes a little more rigidity in our planning and…