Overview of H&F and the Infinite Banking Concept

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Jason Pond

“It’s made me more profitable!”

Larry Bond TestimonialLarry Bond

“If I could go back to the students in my classes in financial management, I would tell them, ‘Get into whole life insurance at the earliest possible time.'”

Donald Kent Miller TestimonialDonald Kent Miller

“[T]hese are hidden gems that would have made my life totally different and my retirement totally different also.”

Free Report:

How To Create Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times


Our Services

Financial Freedom Through Education

Financial Freedom through Education

Economic status is a matter of choice not chance. You can only choose what you know exists. We help individuals and families know how their choices are affecting their lifestyle, and future security. We will show you the pit falls, traps, and other distractions that hinder financial freedom. We’ll teach what really works so you can reduce your risk and have more money now and in the future.

Financial Control through Lifestyle

To control the terms, conditions and outcome of your financial environment requires a certain mindset and practice, i.e. lifestyle. Professional and Olympic athletes use coaches. If you want to have the best financial success possible, you must use a coach too!  As your financial coach, we’ll educate you, motivate you, and help you change your actions.

Wealth Creation by Family Banking

Banking is the most important business in the world. Most Americans have abdicated their opportunity to be in the banking business. We will show that the road to wealth is a simple path once you get into the banking business. When you act, think, and behave like a banker you make money like a bank. Our proven methods allows your wealth to grow without risk and worry free.

Family Legacy by Design

Typical financial plans by design have you running out of money at death? Our proven methods allow you not only to never run out of money, but empowers you to leave a large legacy to your heirs for generations to come income tax free. This is not a matter of chance, it is a simple byproduct of our design and educational services.

Why us?

More Secure Retirement

We teach you to prepare for retirement with less risk than traditional market investing.

Gain Control of Your Financial Environment

We teach you to think like a banker and make money like the banks.

Get Rid Of Your Credit Cards

With the system we teach, you’ll be able to cut up your credit cards and become your own financier.

Create A Lasting Legacy

Your family bank can serve you, your children, and your grandchildren.

35 Years Combined Experience

Our experience as financial consultants and with the Infinite Banking System (IBC) enable us to help you learn to control your financial situation.

Great Support Provided

We’re coaches.  And like all great coaches, we’re here to encourage you, answer your questions, and help you achieve your goals.

Satisfied Clients

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