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Dr. Jason I. Henderson

Financial Coach

Dr. Jason I. Henderson has been a financial coach for over 10 years.  Both of His parents were teenagers during the depression. As a result, he grew up knowing the importance of having control over one’s own financial situation, and the devastating effects of dependence on common market practices.

Jason’s passion for financial education has fostered in him a desire to constantly explore and research creative, safe ways to build wealth. His introduction to IBC 10 years ago spurred his desire to teach the vital message of financial independence. He has since helped many individuals and small business owners increase their security, wealth, and profitability. His favorite part about teaching IBC is the thrill that comes when those he coaches recognize how these principles can change their lives.  The most common response he gets from those he coaches is,“I wish I had known about this years ago.”

In this time of economic uncertainty I feel that I am doing a service to my clients and community by educating them through our workshops and by making them aware of what is really going on when it comes to personal and government debt and how that will effect generations to come.

If you have not done so already I encourage you to download our free report “Creating Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times”

Craig Floyd Financial Coach 600px

Craig Floyd

Financial Coach

I have been an Infinite Banking participant since July 2007.I was introduced to the concept in the summer of 2006 just after retiring from the public schools. Having done financial services for 15 years on a part time basis while teaching I felt like I had a good grasp on money concepts.  The problem persisted though that I had to continually use “ifs” and “maybes” and had to dig into my client’s standard of living to look for retirement dollars as well as talk about death benefits, instead of living benefits. That is about as fun as having a tooth pulled, both for the client and the planner. I found that the companies that I represented, as well as the banks and the government were great at shaping what the consumer was to think about money and rarely was the public the first concern.

I read Nelson Nash’s book Becoming Your Own Banker and what a revelation. I could control my own financial environment! I could use a financial tool that I had seen and sold to others in a way that helped my family and business today, not after I died.

It was not magic. It was not illegal. It was not mentally taxing to participate. It was an act of using a bit of new thought, and being coached by others that were using the techniques.

I now run our raspberry processing business through our system with great tax and financial advantages. I buy cars, toys(RV, four wheeler), take vacations, and even keep future income tax money in our system. It’s my money, and I control its use without asking or filling out loan forms with all the humiliating, reveling information that some money manager will use to judge my worthiness and intelligence to have money.

The knowledge takes time and you do feel that you are going against the flow of conventional wisdom . . . and you are. But look where conventional wisdom has lead.

I only regret that 30 years ago I did not have the wisdom or a friend that would/could have shared IBC with me.