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College Opportunity Costs

The Secret Opportunity Costs Of College No One Will Tell You

You already know that college is expensive, but how expensive is it? Let's find out!   I recently had a discussion with some clients we'll call John and Joanna, who have 2 teenage boys (I do free consulting). Anyway, one of their…

Feeling Blessed

By Craig Floyd Since it is Memorial Day soon, I just have to say “Thank you” to the thousands of Americans who have died or placed themselves in harm’s way defending my freedom. To those men and women and their courageous families,…

Who Do I Want To Control My Retirement

By Criag Floyd   A recent article that advertised unknown ideas for retirement talked about the concept of qualified accounts that are used by the government to encourage saving money especially for the low to moderate level income…
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Almost All Returns In S&P Since 2009 From Buybacks?

by Jason I. Henderson, Ph.D. How much of what you we hear in mainstream media is simply misleading at best or simply not true?  I have felt this way about reports on the economy for a very long time.  What am I, probably to most people…
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Quick Decisions

By Craig Floyd It is interesting to study habits of people who are wealthy in terms of money.  Specifically millionaires have certain traits that probably help them with the way they approach their finance life.  One such trait is that…