Who Do I Want To Control My Retirement


By Criag Floyd


A recent article that advertised unknown ideas for retirement talked about the concept of qualified accounts that are used by the government to encourage saving money especially for the low to moderate level income bracket. My understanding of these concepts, for those of us who rely on others with more experience, is that if I give the money to the government using qualified plans then I lose control of my money that I earned. Rules and regulations, which are common in any government opportunity especially concerning money, control how much I can contribute and when I can take it out. My money is placed in the stock market in various places that can move up or down with the emotional financial tide. They also charge interest and taxes when I take the money out to use it. How is that fair? I’m not so sure that I want the government involved with using my money. How often do we get a tax return that includes the interest the government owes us for keeping our money for the year? I want to use a retirement plan that gives me the money when I want it, without charging interest or taxes, and that I have control over and can withdraw when I want to use it. I found something that gives me this control in whole life insurance policies that are set up correctly with people who have done it before. It works and gives me the freedom to save, pay interest to myself, withdraw, and never go to a bank for a loan. Try It!!!

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