Financial Literacy?

By Jason I. Henderson, Ph.D.

I ran across an article today that confirms what I have thought for a long time.  The article is rather short, so you could just go read it or here is a shorter version:

Very few Americans have ever had organized thoughts about financial matters.  They usually just go with the most catchy phrases and assume they are true.  Sadly, the education system in the United States has failed when it comes to financial matters.  The article talks about a survey of 25,000 or so people who were asked 5 simple questions about how money works.  A full two thirds of the respondents FAILED the test.

I work hard for my money so I am careful who I trust with my  money.  I assume you do too.  I also hope you are trying to learn so you are financial literate.  Feel free to peruse this cite, these is a lot of free information here.

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