Retirement: Out of Reach?

By J. Floyd

Retirement in my early working years seemed to be only a dream away. I didn’t even want to ever be old enough to retire. I was so busy raising my children and working that the idea of never working again and having money to pay my bills was out of reach for me. Reflecting now on that time, it seems that I was so overwhelmed with life and raising a family, I was probably unprepared for the future. Thankfully I had a husband who was looking out for us, and planned ahead. He didn’t want to work forever and was mindful of our future without children at home that we had to support. According to the recent article in the news, https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/retirement/this-is-how-much-longer-you-now-need-to-save-for-retirement/ar-BBuhcaN?li=AA4Zjn&ocid=spartandhp the span for saving for retirement just increase seven more years for the next generation of retirees. Not really good news for people in their forties who are supporting their children and often their parents. More active roles in preparing for the future are needed and that includes education and goal setting towards that goal. Most of us wish we could change certain things in our past that would make our life better now. Probably saving, downsizing, or even selling property would be among those choices that could help. Another reminder lesson in life, preparation is the key to success and in this case a better retirement

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