Grateful and Trusting


By J. Floyd

This summer while on a short trip with some close friends, I had a flat tire. Somewhere along the road I picked up a four inch lag bolt. Since my car was parked in a scenic area, some people in the adjacent car waited until I returned to my car to tell me that they had noticed the lag and could hear air coming out of my tire. That was the first of many kind and considerate people who came to my aide that afternoon. If that man had not waited for me to come to my car so he could tell me about my tire, I would have probably driven off and my tire would have blown or at least gone flat on the side of a very busy highway. As it was I was able to call for help in the museum that was at the scenic area and receive help from the park ranger, the local AAA man, and very attentive and knowledgeable men at the tire store. My point is that there are a lot of very kind people in the world who take time to help others. All of these people went out of their way to help me on my way and most were not monetarily rewarded. In a world where we only hear about bad and how we cannot trust anyone, I found out that there still are wonderful people. It was an inspiring and thankful day on my part.

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  1. Jennifer Hansen
    Jennifer Hansen says:

    What a wonderful experience. I actually there are way more good, kind, and loving humans in this world than not, but we can bombarded with the opposite of that if we focus on ANY of the media sources. To experience kindness if very uplifting for both the giver and receiver.


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