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Warren Buffet and Compound Interest?

I just read an article on yahoo finance about compound interest.  The article was rather straight forward and basic.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for such articles as so many people have almost zero financial education.  In fact, I applaud them for the article.  There are a few points that I would […]


The Hunt for Taxes: Part VI

I know I have posted several times about the ongoing hunt for taxes by cities, states and even the federal government.   You might ask, why the obsession with exposing this hunt?  Put simply, if you are not aware of it and start to resist new forms of taxes, it will not be long until you […]

Taxing Video Games – The Hunt for Taxes Part V

Politicians are eager to give more money and benefits to people in a bid to be re-elected.  As a result they hate raising taxes.  How can they increase the amount of money government takes from its citizens without “raising” taxes?  Find new things or ways to tax. The city of Chicago has graciously provided a […]