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Taxing Video Games – The Hunt for Taxes Part V

Politicians are eager to give more money and benefits to people in a bid to be re-elected.  As a result they hate raising taxes.  How can they increase the amount of money government takes from its citizens without “raising” taxes?  Find new things or ways to tax. The city of Chicago has graciously provided a […]

Love and Prosperity

I have been a member of Partners for Prosperity for a long time.  There is an article on their website that is simply well written.  Please take the time to read it. Love and Money: The Surprising Wealth Predictor   The facts are not all that surprising when you look around.    

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Pensions on Target to Fall of Fiscal Cliff

The pensions in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, The Netherlands, Canada,  Australia, China and India will have a projected unfunded liability of $428 Trillion dollars by 2050.  That figure does not, and I repeat does NOT include health care costs. Why is this a major piece of information? First, this is only 30 years […]