Four rules for building wealth

Are you interested in building wealth?

Most likely you answered either “yes,” “YES,” or “&%$# YES” to that question.  I have four rules that you need to follow.  Here they are:

  1. A portion of everything you make (no less than 10%) is yours to keep FOREVER.
  2. Never put your money in a situation where you can or most likely will lose your money.
  3. Protect your money from Taxation.
  4. Make your money do more than job.

These rules may not make total sense to you right now.  That is ok.  In fact, I would be surprised if they all made perfect sense to you to start off.   I am going to walk you through these in subsequent blog posts.

I am asking you, to be open minded and try to understand and do some homework.

Stay tuned.  Or better yet subscribe to the blog.

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