Cities and States Join the Hunt: The Hunt for Taxes Part III

As more and more cities, states and nations get further and further in debt they are on the hunt for more revenue, i.e. taxes, regardless of the absurdity. Our series is showing how the “rich” are being redefined because governments only ever tax the “rich.” Here are two stories to illustrate what is going on around you as well as what might be coming your way.


The first one is sort of old news, having taken place in January of this year.  However, most likely you heard nothing about it.  In the quaint town of Westminster, Massachusetts there was a major crime against society and more importantly against the corporation, I mean the city of Westminster.


The owner of Vincent’s country store is the culprit of the crime.  His name is Brian Vincent.  He is your typical criminal. He helps raise money for local charities including the food pantry.  He also contributes a fair bit to the local economy because he employs a few people in his store.  His crime?  He was late in renewing his dog license.


Yes you read that right.  City officials issued a warrant for Brian’s arrest.  Brian, being the criminal he was, went straight to the district Court and turned himself in. He was ordered to pay the $25 licensing fee plus a $50 late fee. Can you say taxes?


City officials and the police justify arresting citizens who fail to renew a pet license stating that “many years ago rabies was an issue and people in the state and the community wanted to make sure animals are registered.”  If rabies was still the issue then the license should only need to be renewed every 7 years as the vaccine is viable for at least that long.  You decide is it about protecting the citizens or the income for the city?  Or should we be more bold – city finding new taxes to collect?


Our second story comes from Rotterdam.  Oh come on, that is not even the United States, why are you talking about it?  It is indicative of what is coming our way. The more abusive governments become at getting their hands on other people’s money, our LIBERTY will be revoked for anything they can dream of.  This example is not a dream it is a nightmare.


If you plan to visit Rotterdam you need to be careful.  Careful that you do not wear designer or in vogue clothing.  Is it because it is culturally unacceptable to do so?  No you need to be careful if you do because the police can and probably will stop you.  If you cannot prove that the clothes you are wearing were purchased using money you earned and that was properly taxed they will take your clothes.  (I wonder if they you will arrest you for indecent exposure?)


Historically, when governments become abusive and redefines the “rich” as essentially every citizen as well as takes the liberty of people for fines, including non-violent offenses, it loses its ultimate authority to govern.  As we see this happening all around is seems like sooner or later history will repeat and people will revolt.


Questions to Ponder:

  1. Are you ok with paying higher and higher taxes?
  2. Is it possible to shield your life savings from ever increasing taxes?
  3. Where are informed citizens shielding their wealth?
  4. Have you read section 7702 of the internal revenue code?
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