By Craig Floyd

It appears to me that if you want to learn something new or change habits, studying, reading, and observing are the best way to accomplish this task. That is how I approach most challenges that I don’t understand. Recently it came to my attention that this is also the way financially successful people have achieved their success. Some of these habits that successful people use can be adapted easily into any routine. For example: Successful people mediate to increase their memory and visual perceptions for the future. They give to charities regularly realizing that they can impact others. Small habits like waking up early before their regular day begins and sticking to a routine no matter what keeps them focused. More financially successful people live below their means which indicates frugality. Most are self-employed and when making decisions about their life work they usually pursue their passion. In the book by Napolean Hill, “ Think and Grow Rich” he states, “ No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like.” Your goal may not be to achieve millionaire status and you may be completely satisfied with your life as it is, but these few habits that are used by successful people could just be the help to make life easier or happier. Maybe it’s worth a try.

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