Economy is Slowing Down


By Jason I. Henderson

I had a fellow lab-rat when I was a graduate student at Purdue University who was from Missouri.  I appreciated that his personality was just like the slogan Missouri has on its car license plates; “Show me State.”  Whenever there was some new concept or a proposed idea for an experiment or even a discovery, my friend always responded, “show me.”

We have been hearing for sometime that the economy is recovering.  Things are getting better.  There are green shoots.  I could go on, but really what I want is for the mainstream media especially the mainstream financial media to “show me.”

In my estimation the above picture “shows me” a lot.  What you see is nearly 300 locomotives sitting idle in the Arizona dessert.  As this article states, the railroad sector of the economy is down 11% from last year at this time.  Further “show me” that things are not picking up but quite the opposite.

At Henderson and Floyd we do not believe there is bad news nor good news, just news.  What makes some piece of news good or bad is how that news affects us.  We believe that is one is correctly positioned to not just survive difficult times, but to thrive.  Of course we are ready and willing to “show you.”

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