Who will be able to afford health insurance?



The news is here, premiums for the lowest health plan will have premium increases on average of about 10 percent or more with many in the upper teens and some in the 20 and even 30 percent range.

The average deductible for these plans will increase to $5,653.00 per year.  That means that with deductibles and the premiums families will still pay $10,000.00 per year or more before they receive one cent of coverage.

How many families in America do you think can afford that?  Can you afford that?
The silver plan which is the second lowest costing plan will see average increases of 7.5 percent. In some areas the deductibles for silver plans are increasing to bronze level deductibles in order to keep the increases in what the government calls the range of reasonable.

Doing some simple math using the rule of 72; At this rate, health care costs will be doubling every 6 to 10 years depending on what area of the country you live in. If you do the math, these costs will be astronomical. Would the work unsustainable be appropriate here?

Once again, many Americas are forced to consider going forward without coverage at all. That is a frightening thought.

Tell me how are your children and grandchildren going to afford any healthcare much less access to quality health care? If you could do something to help your family WITHOUT putting yourself in jeopardy would that be worth looking into? Wouldn’t you like to make a substantial difference in the lives of your children and grandchildren? Would setting money aside to pay for health insurance and health care be worthy of that money?

The time has come for you to consider the future and how to best prepare for it.

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