The Box YOU Live In


It seems that each of us lives in a “box”. This box is a set of life’s choices and circumstances. It is the sum of who you now are and will become. We rarely take stock of the box we live in other than a quick and fleeting wish now and then as we see someone else that may be in what looks like a more enviable box. But usually we dismiss that wish with a “reality” check saying “my box is my box, it’s comfortable to me, I know how to get around in it and am not going to risk what I have now with a unknown (to me anyway) idea or activity.


One of the saddest conversations a financial advisor has is one where a person is ready for retirement or in retirement and realizes that the selected strategy has not adequately prepared that person for their needs. How many greeters does Walmart need? You see that “box” exists in the financial world too.

Who wants you to stay in your box? Well you have to ask yourself, who taught the concept and who really benefits most from your participation in that concept? Who’s taking the risks you or the sponsors of the concept? But really you are the one that keeps you in a box and your decision to move out of the box or expand the size of the box is yours to make.


Now the big question,” what do wealthy people know and do that poor people don’t? How do they make and keep money while others don’t or can’t?”


If your “financial box” is a cage don’t be afraid to invite new possibilities. Education is a key to opportunity.

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