Do you want Control?

In my  last post I explained the difference of paying with cash or taking a loan(using OPM). Hopefully you saw how to use interest instead of lose interest.

In this post I will explain the Mentality of Control. As we teach various people the Privatized Banking Strategy it becomes apparent that the successful participants are very independent and want to control their financial environment.

I use the “analogy of the taxi” to explain this. Let’s compare owning a car or always using a taxi to controlling our financial environment or giving our money to banks, management companies, or even the government. If I own a car I can drive it when and where I want. I have to trust myself at the wheel. I must maintain the car, but I AM IN CONTROL. Now think about getting in a taxi. Yes the driver takes me to my destination but at what cost? I am at his/her mercy and must pay for every minute or mile of the ride. You are NOT in control.

Most of us are conditioned to put our money in an account and then sit back and let the “taxi driver” take control. We might lock away the use of that money for years and more than likely take the IRS on as a partner to be paid when and how the dictate. We pay the “driver”, but we take ALL the risk. Whether we gain or lose, whether there is money at the end or not, they stay in control and they get paid!

What is your Mentality? If you want to control the terms, conditions and outcome of your financial environment you will want to become a student of Privatized Banking.

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