After years of recommending this strategy to clients, I am still amazed at how misunderstood the strategy is. It’s evident that banks and finance companies have done a terrific job of marketing themselves as the go-to institutions for money. Also most of those in the insurance industry have no idea of the service they could offer their clients but either don’t want to spend the time or are too worried about a commission.

Over the course of the next few messages from me you will find out WHY Privatized Banking is such a dynamic strategy and HOW you can create wealth through using the strategy.

But first let’s start by clearing up just WHAT PRIVATIZED BANKING IS:

A simplified explanation is Privatized Banking is holding a corpus of money in an account that you  control while it earns interest. When you have a need in either your business or personal life, you take a collateral loan against that account and pay yourself back with interest.

However, that’s much too simple and misleading. To really get the full power of this you have to THINK LIKE A BANKER. We have always thought like savers and borrowers. What happens on “the Bankers side of the desk” might shock you! Do returns of 200%-400% on money interest you? Well banks do that every day! HOW?

Although there are various ways to go about Privatized Banking a person would be further ahead to follow proven methods coached by successful practitioners. To coin a phrase, “why reinvent the wheel?”

So to dispel misconception number 1 about Privatized Banking: A person will create more wealth owning and controlling their own Privatized Banking Strategy than investing in traditional finance instruments that are in someone else’s control.

In the coming messages I will explain what the different advantages of Privatized Banking are and what the specific benefits are for each one in regards to your wealth creation.

In the meantime, if you would like more information regarding Privatized Banking or have any questions regarding how it relates to you feel free to contact me toll free at 866-946-3453 or e-mail at [email protected]

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