The Whirlwind Tour of Becoming Your Banker

Hop in a taxi in an unfamiliar city. Tell the driver an address and sit back and “relax”. Really! Who is in control? Where will you end up? How will you know the fare is appropriate?

All these thoughts came to me a while back when,,, you guessed it I was in the back of a taxi, in a city I’d never been in before to attend a seminar that would enhance my ability to teach my clients the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) as introduced by Nelson Nash in his insightful book Becoming Your Own Banker.

During the ride I realized that most people treat finance much like navigating in a unfamiliar city. They give the directions to someone that makes money pushing the brakes, throttle and turning the steering wheel and is very interested in getting home that night to pay “THEIR” bills.  As a nation we give our money to managers to move in and out of funds, hold and sell make and lose. And they get paid regardless of the outcome of our money!

In simple terms IBC puts you in control. You decide what to buy and sell. You decide the terms of the money. You make the returns. You create your own wealth. And by so doing you are infinitely better off and so are your heirs.

In the blogs ahead, I will demonstrate the power of IBC and give insights you may have never thought of.

Remember – Numbers are not Money and Hope is not a financial plan


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