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7 attributes of an ideal investment
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7 Attributes Of An Ideal Investment

In my last blog post, I discussed the pre-requisite of finding an ideal investment.  Namely, you as the investor need to be ideal.  What I mean is you need a sound financial education. Without the right kind of financial education, you…
Ideal Investor to Ideal Investment
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Quit Trying To Find The Ideal Investment & Become The Ideal Investor

I am often asked by clients and even in casual conversations with people at sporting events, airports or in social gatherings; "How does one find the ideal investment?"  I am going to share in this post what I normally share with those…
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Want to Reduce Risk? Get CONTROL!

No investment is without risk, and at the foundation of any good strategy you’ll find the mitigation of risk. The traditional way to mitigate risk in an investment portfolio is with the theory of asset allocation and diversification. For…